Why People Trust Us?

Phone Doctor services all smartphone devices and computer repairs.


At Phone Doctor, we take immense pride in driving the industry standards forward, focusing on quality and customer satisfaction.


Our standards are high. We’re in a league of our own. We have become synonymous with the highest quality.


When dealing with devices your tools make the difference. We’re continually finding the best new technology.


We do what we say. Our word is our bond. Our honesty is our best policy and our commitment is our reality.

Our Services

We are the best cell phone repair service in Battle Mountain, Nevada. We offer lifetime warranty on our device repairs.

Cracked Screen Repair

Accidents happen to all of us, good drop will cause damage to both the glass and LCD. We can fix your screen.

Battery Replacement

Your phone not holding charge? Or maybe your device is running slow. Let us replace your battery.

Charge Port

If you device isn’t charging when plugged in your charge port is in need of replacement.

Water Damage

If you dropped your smartphone in water. We can fix it. Bring it by.

Bad Audio

Can people not hear you? Or does your speaker not sound right when playing music. We can replace it for you.

Other Services

We have you covered. All devices. All problems. We also replace button issues, broken camera’s and much more.

Start your repair today.

Computer Repairs

Free Diagnostic. You Name it, We repair it!

Virus Removal

If your device is crashing, freezing or performing slow. You computer may be infected with a virus.

Hardware Upgrade

Moving parts that are in constant use tend to malfunction after time. Let’s us keep it running top notch.


Optimize for better overall performance for gaming, online browsing and office/work use.

LCD Screen Repair

PC LCDs can incur cracks, damage, dead pixels and distortions. We can replace your LCD here.